#stargazingsaturday | Crater

CRATERconstellation is located in the southern sky. Its name means “the cup” in Latin. Crater is one of the Greek constellations. In mythology, it represents the cup of the Greek god Apollo. The constellation was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The neighboring constellations are CorvusHydraLeoSextans, and Virgo. It can best be seen in the northern hemisphere in April and is completely visible at latitudes between 65 degrees and -90 degrees. Crater is the 53rd constellation in size, occupying an area of 282 square degrees. It is a small constellation covering an area of 282 square degrees.

FORS2, an instrument mounted on ESO’s Very Large Telescope captured the spiral galaxy NGC 3981 in all its glory. The image, captured during the ESO Cosmic Gems Programme, showcases the beauty of the southern skies when conditions don’t allow scientific observations to be made.


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