Blog | How to Write Manifestations

To manifest or not to manifest, that is the question! First off, what is manifesting? When talking about the Law of Attraction, manifesting (in short) is creating what you want. Yes, it’s really that easy. This isn’t a squeeze your teddy bear, and click your heels three times kind of belief. While yes, Dorothy’s red slippers got her back to where she wanted to be, it’s not because of some magical slippers. Looking at it from a scientific perspective, the vibration and frequency that Dorothy put out into the universe was matched by the universe–therefore, her wishes were granted.

I’m not saying that it’s going to be that easy for you. I’m not saying that manifesting really hard is automatically going to land you $10 million dollars in your account. What I am saying is that the vibration from positive thinking will bring you abundance. When I talk to other’s about manifesting, it tends to be a really interesting conversation. With most, when first starting out manifesting all of the typical worldly things come to the light: money, cars, women, men, etc. You will know that you’ve found someone on their path to enlightenment when you see that their manifestations are things such as “my garden is abundant and thriving” or “my body is healthy vessel that grows stronger every day to carry about my life’s work.” When venturing the path of enlightenment, you become more mature in your requests. I used to think that I wanted to be rich. In the last few years, I have changed my stance. It is a burden to have money. I do not need any additional burdens in my life. Instead, I manifest to have what I need and a little extra to do the things that I want.

It is important when writing manifestations to come from a place of gratitude. Has anyone ever done something very nice for you, and it was totally unexpected? Do you remember that feeling of {que Sally Field} “they love me, they really love me…” that came over you? That is GRATITUDE! Could you imagine living a life where you are already grateful for something as if you have obtained it, but it’s really still in the ether? It’s possible, and that is completely how you achieve abundance. Dr. Joe Dispenza has three really great tips to keep your mind centered.

  1. Express gratitude before anything is given.
  2. Open your awareness to the space around you.
  3. Envision the greatest ideal of yourself, today.

These three mantra’s reside on my desk, and I read them every day. It’s all very simple. You can read countless books on consciousness and the mind, but there is really only one thing you need to know: CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for a vlog regarding writing manifestations!

Love and light to you, always.

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