Blog | The Law of Attraction & eBay

If you have been listening to my podcast or reading my blogs for any amount of time, you know that I’ve spoken about the Law of Attraction in recent episodes. In short, the Law of Attraction is where you attract what you get. Therefore, if you are thinking positive thoughts and living a positive life, the universe returns to you just that: positivity! The same goes the other way as well…if you are thinking negative thoughts and living a negative life, the universe will match you with negativity. There are many simple changes we can make in our day to day life to work towards achieving this higher vibrational frequency. We can choose to look at the good in every situation instead of focusing on how it set us back. For example, perhaps you were 10 minutes late getting out of the house for work. This has frustrated you before your day has even really began, and now it is going to affect and/or ruin your entire morning. But perhaps that 10 minute delay, caused you from being involved in a car accident on the interstate. Perhaps that 10 minute delay was protecting you in some way. Have you ever thought of it like that?

I’ve started a new segment of the blog/vlog, and I call it #tbh (to be honest) Thursdays with Stacey. Today, I talk about how I used the Law of Attraction to sell my items that no longer served me on eBay. In this video I talk about how a listing issue set me back and I fell to pieces over it, and at the end of the video you will see how a minor setback actually was used for my benefit. Love and light to you all.

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