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Recently, I was able to have my natal chart read by the wonderfully talented Michael Wann of Susquehanna Alchemy. If you missed out on Episode 11, you’re in for a real treat. You can check it out HERE.Michael is a man of many talents, but for this particular blog posting I will talk about his astrological story-telling abilities.

A little background on me…

I grew up very conservative and very Christian. This isn’t a blog post about religion, but I feel that you should know my background prior to me sharing my experience. I grew up not knowing much about astrology and not really being encouraged to know much either. Astrology is not a topic that Christians often want to dabble in. When Michael and I talked about him being a guest on the show, he offered to do my natal chart as part of him getting to know who I was as a person and also it served as a talking point for our episode. I did not know what a natal chart was. I had never even heard of it until he brought it up to me, and I felt a little foolish for not knowing what it was. He explained it all to me, and in layman’s terms it’s the exact placement of the sun, moon and stars at the exact moment I took my first breath. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it turned out to be so much cooler than “cool.”

I think a lot of people get hung up on semantics when it comes to astrology. I also think people make base judgments about it before even really knowing what it is–I know I always had. What he suggested the energetic properties of the earth were at the time that I was born resonated so deeply with me. Michael barely knows me. He hit the nail on the head when he read me my chart. He told me things about myself that I wasn’t even sure that I knew. He reminded me of things about me that I had forgotten. He helped to set me on the course of where I need to be going. He presented the word “intention” to me that has been in my face every day since. There is a lot to be said about nature and her mysteries. If moons have the ability to move and pull tides, then why would it be outlandish for the sun, moon and stars to have pulled me in one way or another?

Often, we do not give the earth enough credit for how much influence she has on our lives. The earth is just as much alive as you and I are. My chart told me exactly what kind of energy was roaming around when I came into this world. I am now a firm believer that every 18 year old’s gift at graduation should be a natal chart session. It’s a great big world out there and to go into it not really knowing who the hell you are is scary. I thought that I knew who I was, and I didn’t. I made gargantuan mistakes in my road to finding myself, and there are MANY things my 30 year old self would tell my 20 year old self. I believe that knowledge is power. I’m not suggesting that your chart should rule your life by any means, but I am suggesting that it’s nice to go into life knowing what you’re working with.

If you are interested in booking a Starboard Session with Michael Mann, please click HERE. I can assure you that you are getting a beautiful treat when you book a session with Michael. First and foremost, Michael is an artist. He presents your chart to you in a way which no one else will. He is also a master orator, so the way he presents your story to you is both moving and emotional. I cannot recommend Michael enough. When you book your session, please tell him that Stacey Jewell sent you. You won’t regret the magic that he presents to you. Perhaps you will go through the alchemic fire of enlightenment and become as gold.

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