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Happy Thursday all you purveyors of truth! I wanted to follow back up with you on Episode 10 | MK Ultra. I hope you have had a chance to catch it. If not, I would love for you to WATCH IT HERE.

What is MK Ultra? MK Ultra is the most well-known project name for government mind control experimentation that went on in the mid-1950s and forward. While Hollywood has popularized and desensitized the severity of MK Ultra, it does not take away from the fact that the project(s) existed within the CIA and that they used and experimented upon unsuspecting Americans and Canadians in their torture chambers.

Eleven, Stranger Things

It’s REALLY easy for government agencies to make like projects never happened. All they really have to do is either classify the information, blow up a facility or just say “oops, somehow we can’t find that documentation.” It’s the government…they’re like honeybadgers–they don’t care. Who is going to effectively audit them? It won’t be you or I–we will never gain that kind of access. Whistleblowers within the projects often end up lynched if they snitch. It’s an unruly, tyrannical system that no one can effectively get a good hold on. Therefore, that’s why projects like MK Ultra can get the seal of approval for launch.

Dr. Ewen Cameron

Why was MK Ultra so bad? This question is really a matter of perspective. It’s not a matter of which part was bad…it’s a matter of which part infuriates you the most? For some, the experimentation on other human beings without their knowledge or consent may be the most heinous part for you (however, this still happens to this day and the little device you carry in your pocket is monitoring everything that you say or do). The fact that they pumped loads of LSD into unsuspecting humans may outrage you more than the secrecy aspect. Perhaps it is experimentation on children that truly gets your goat? The scope of this project was (and potentially still “is”) vast, so at some point or another, we will find something to enrage you about with these projects.

I would love to educate you a bit more on what really went on in these projects. If you haven’t been able to sit down with a nice cup of LSD-free tea, I encourage you to do so and educate yourself on mind-control experimentation. It’s available now, and AS ALWAYS, free of charge. Episode 10 | MK Ultra

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