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Last week we discussed the story of Valiant Thor who was said to of been in residency at the Pentagon for three years under the Eisenhower Administration. This story is a fascinating one. I cannot undoubtedly say whether this story is fact or fiction. Unfortunately, the documents you would need to prove this are sealed under lock and key in the classified documents section of the government’s vault.

Nonetheless, I’m going to discuss the story of Valiant Thor as if it were true for the sake of argument, and I know how much you love to argue. 🙂 Valiant Thor was said to be Venusian (from Venus), in which he accepted a mission from his Commander to take an Earth Mission for a period of three years. It was then that he traversed to Earth and began his mission here.

His mission was simple: to help return our world to love, to provide technology that could end hunger and poverty and even death, and to ultimately save us from ourselves. At the time Valiant was in residency it was a time of turmoil, a time of uneasiness in world events. Valiant’s message of world peace was not well received and he basically received a thanks-but no thanks reception to his ideas and knowledge.

War, sickness, and poverty generate two things: profits and control, which is why Valiant’s message was denied by the leaders of the US government. Valiant promoted a life of love, peace and homeostasis. He offered the very opposite of what our world leaders were (and still are) trying to achieve which is divisiveness and domination. At the end of the three year period, Valiant returned home, yet kept contact with select people in which he developed relationships with while here.

If I could empathize with Valiant for just a moment, I feel that he was likely disappointed and defeated in how he was received. Imagine having the keys to happiness, success and a life of vibrancy. Imagine wanting to offer those keys to the general population in order to elevate them to the next level. Imagine being denied permission by world leaders to help the people of Earth. I can’t imagine having access to knowledge in which we could all thrive and then being silenced from speaking such truth. This happens every day in the world. The suppression of knowledge, progress, and cures are running rampant because they don’t want you to know one thing: the power is within you; it has always been within you. They will keep you sick, they will keep you dumb and they will keep you sedated because that is what feeds their agenda.

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The truth of the matter is, we do not need someone like Valiant to come to us. If the government wants to suppress that knowledge and try to confine us to boxes, then so be it. At any given time YOU can go to Valiant or someone of the like. At any given time YOU can ask a Valiant-type to come to you. This is what consciousness is, and you have the ability to tap consciousness whenever you want, you just have to learn how to do it. You have to learn how to turn your ego off. You have to rewire your brain to be able to do this. I’m linking some resources for you here:

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Break the Addiction to Negative Thoughts & Emotions

The account given of Valiant Thor by Dr. Frank E. Stranges is a fascinating one among the ufology community. I encourage you to check out the book: The Stranger at the Pentagon.

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