Sponsored: Renderforest

As an aspiring alternative media journalist and podcaster, it is important to maintain a polished persona in this industry. When talking about subject matters that generally receive a nervous bout of laughter, it is important that the esthetics of my media content receive two thumbs up. That is exactly why I have chose Renderforest to create my custom YouTube intro video. Renderforest captured the ideas that I birthed my brain and made them into a beautiful piece of art that I can now incorporate into my channel. I could never have done what they did for me on my own, and I am so thrilled with the final product.  

Renderforest can create the same type of esthetically pleasing work of art for you too. Whatever you are looking to create, they can most certainly help you. Transform your business and your look with a custom intro video, website or logo with Renderforest. They take the guesswork out of marketing for you. With over five million clients served, Renderforest is a leader in the industry. They have been noted in Forbes, Entrepreneur, GoDaddy, etc. You can get started with the design of your YouTube intro here.

Renderforest had a vision: a few years ago creating animated scenes and high-quality video advertisements cost a lot of money, and startups or small businesses couldn’t afford the expensive promotion. As we had a clear vision that video marketing is the future of successful marketing, we aimed to create a platform that would automatically make professional promo videos within minutes and provide businesses and individuals with high-grade content. Now you can create any kind of video content with the help of our 400+ customizable video templates with minimal effort. Our team has worked hard to guarantee your professional result!

With prices starting as low as FREE, Renderforest is sure to have a membership level that suits your budget. Their most popular package includes:

  • 40 HD720 or 20  HD1080 Videos per month
  • Up to 30 minute videos
  • Up to 40 GB storage
  • 80+ commercial music tracks
  • No watermarks on HD videos
  • Create unlimited logos

You can find a package that fits what you need here.

Key Takeaways

I firmly recommend Renderforest for both professional and personal use. I am not technologically inclined–at all. With Renderforest, there was no need for me to be! They did it all for me and delivered to me exactly what I wanted. This was the criteria that I evaluated when choosing Renderforest, and that’s why I give them an A+ in all of the following areas:

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Templates galore!
  • Hassle free registration and no long-term commitments.  
  • Flexible pricing options for ANY budget.
  • Unlimited FREE usage, provided you’re ok with the watermark.

I want to know what you think! Use my code by clicking: Renderforest and Stacey Jewell!

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