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One of my favorite enigmatic mysteries are crop circles. These wondrous beauties pop up all over the planet during the time of year that crops are abundant and in full bloom. They are complex, temporary pieces of art that leave a lasting impression on both the crops and our hearts. For thousands of years, extraterrestrial beings have visited their earthly brethren. There is documentation of such visits on cave wall drawings, ancient texts, art of the Renaissance period, and so on. We have always been of interest to other worldly beings. Is it because of our landscape? Is it because of our complex spectrum of human emotion? Is it because we are “less fortunate” in the technology department? Some of these questions may not have answers…yet. However, that is not to say that if we were to be a more welcoming society of beings outside of what we consider “normal”, we may learn some pretty special secrets of the universe. I fear we are a long way from that type of universal openness. Crop circles can be just as diverse and complex in meaning as they are in design. It is not uncommon that some type of code is often embedded in the design–we have observed binary code, braille, etc. It is clear that if we only derive one key take away from the crop circles–it’s to get our attention!

The formation has a beautiful binary code embedded.

Hoaxers and Smear Campaigns

Whenever the term “crop circle” comes to mind, it’s unfortunate that we have to combat hoaxers. However, the quote “emulation is the highest form of flattery” isn’t a saying for no un-apparent reason. Who wouldn’t want to copy these beautiful works of art? Unfortunately, I do not personally believe that the motive of repetition is to pay homage to the works of art and their creators–I believe it is more of a deception campaign, funded by god-knows who. Doug and Dave became the first infamous hoaxers–why? I’m not really sure because their crop circles looked like complete garbage compared to the ones that are designed by something or someone out of this world. I am puzzled as to how it was even a topic of conversation, really. Outside of just looking terrible compared to the real thing, there are measurable properties of physics that can be evaluated between one that is authentic and one that is fake. One fact with anything that involves extraterrestrial life–the government and the world’s elite are going to do whatever it takes to smother the thoughts of anyone pondering life outside of this planet. We’re well aware that it does not fit their agenda of total world domination to have earthlings believing in anything greater than us. CICAP, “an Italian, non-profit, skeptic educational organization, founded in 1989. CICAP’s main goals are the promotion of the scientific analysis of alleged paranormal and pseudoscientific phenomena” (3) claims that they can debunk crop circle formations. “The CICAP believes that crop circles are (unless otherwise stated) a work of human creativity and human mind” (4). Sure, CICAP…whatever makes you sleep better at night. I’m sure some member of the world’s elite isn’t fueling your campaign either, right? Even IF someone was both artistically genius and mathematically super-inclined, how do you explain the energy properties that radiate from the formations? If these so-called “spray paint artists” of crops know how to change the molecular build of a plant stem, then why hasn’t NASA or some other leading technology agency scooped them up?

Let’s take a look at a man-made crop circle versus one that is believed to be other worldly:

Man-made (obviously)
Other Worldly

Energy from Crop Circles

“Essentially, crop circles are visible expressions of energy forms, and these forms are conscious and vibratory by nature. The Institute of Resonance Therapy (IRT) in Germany discovered, over a decade ago, that unadulterated photos of crop circles contained a code that systems in distress required to rejuvenate themselves. Simply put, each crop circle acts as a piece of ‘software’ that tells the ‘hard drive’ of a biological system how to rebuild itself. By applying the image in a specially designed machine it was possible to send healing to any system in distress — a person, a tree, a forest, a river — and the results of the work performed by IRT were scientifically monitored each time. The Institute’s work was welcomed by the Austrian government which allowed the Institute to apply its techniques throughout Europe to places suffering from ecological imbalance, with incredibly positive results” (1) What exactly does this statement mean? Crop circles are codes–codes for the people, codes for the earth, and codes for healing. Maybe we’re not meant to know what they all mean? Maybe the circle makers know that we need healing in a certain element and they provide the tools to us “no assembly required.” I know that it’s truly hard for us to believe that anyone else could know more than us–I know that is an absolutely gut-wrenching thought, but maybe (just maybe) someone or something out there has the ability to help save us from ourselves. “Crop circles also show evidence of ultrasound, and such frequencies are known to exist at ancient sacred sites such as stone circles and pyramids. And like all temples, crop circles appear at the intersecting points of the Earth’s magnetic pathways of energy. Consequently, it is not unusual for people to experience heightened states of awareness and healings in crop circles – a situation also common to sacred sites and ancient temples” (2).

Plant Composition and Crop Circles

“In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent and swirled; they are subjected to a short and intense burst of heat that softens the stems to hover just above the ground, where they re-harden without damage. Research suggests that infrasound is producing such an effect. It has also been scientifically proven that soil samples taken from within crop circles show changes in its crystalline structure and mineral composition. Expert analysis concludes that heat of 1500ºC would create such a change. These are hardly the kind of anomalies created by pranksters with planks!” (2) In short, when a genuine crop circle has formed on that particular geographical location of the field, the crop itself in said region has had a molecular change. At the perceived “bend”, a node forms that is not bent, but fused, and is still fully capable of growing. That region in the field stays “changed” for some period of time even after the crop circle is long gone. “Biophysical evidence shows the plants’ seed embryos are altered, and the liquid in the stems has been heated from the inside. In genuine crop circles there is also a reorganization of the plant’s crystalline structure. Other evidence from crop circles shows how the floors of laid plants are swirled in mathematical proportions relative to the Golden Ratio – the vortex used by nature to create organisms. Mathematically, genuine crop circles have yielded five new geometric theorems based on Euclidian geometry. They are also encoded with sacred geometry – those harmonic ratios that govern the relationship between the orbits of planets. Crop circles alter the local electromagnetic field; affecting the proper function of compasses, cameras and cellular phones; the frequencies are also known to affect aircraft equipment” (2).

Notice the swirled pattern in which the stems are laid.

Farmers and Crop Circles

If you ask the farmers that own the fields in which crop circles have appeared, some see it as a blessing and some see it as a curse. If there is one trait among the many that crop circles invoke, its attention. For many farmers, they’re not looking to gain this much attention. Farmers, by majority, work hard and live simple lives. Crop circles draw a plethora of people looking to either quench their curiosity or reap the existential and physical healing that crop circles can create. They are like temporary temples in which believers seek refuge. CNN reported in January 2014 of a beautiful crop formation that formed in California that had been mowed down by the farmer quickly after it was formed. The farmer indicated to press that people coming onto his fields were a “food safety issue” (5). It causes one to ponder: was it because he did not want intruders on his land? Was it because he was a skeptic of the formations creator(s)? Was he paid off to mow the formation down? These are all plausible questions. I find it interesting in the CNN article that one commentator stated “It looks like a couple of kids did this,” Michael Shermer told CNN. I hate to say it, but kids of today’s generations would have to put down their iPhones down long enough to make something this elaborate, and it would also force them to go out into nature–so I’m going to say that the idea that “kids made it” is probably out of the question.


The crop circle phenomenon is so special that it has gained its own following.

Croppie: (noun) a person with an interest in the crop circle phenomenon. Such individuals may be of varying belief, sanity and intelligence (6).

It is no secret as to why individuals flock to these formations if they truly have all of the healing properties they are said to have. It has been noted that forms of arthritis have been cured after spending some time in the formations, along with healing from cancer and addiction. Take it for what it is. The truth of the matter is, if your mind is not open to amazing possibilities, you are not going to experience those possibilities. Rumi said, “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”


Crop circles have always fascinated me. My bucket list trip would to be to visit England for crop circle season. Whether they are man-made or from out of this world, it does not change the intrigue that the formations provide. They are beautiful works of art that seem just a bit too complex for modern man to be able to execute so precisely without causing a huge scene in doing so. The scientific properties of formations that are deemed “genuine” are fascinating–the way that the stem has been fused at a perfect ninety degree angle, yet unharmed is nothing short of fascinating. I have a few bodily ailments that I wouldn’t mind letting a crop circle work its magic on. Hopefully, one day I will be able to give you a personal account from inside a crop circle. Until then, remain open in mind, body, and spirit. Vitam Impendere Vero.

If you are interested in very thorough research and reporting on crop circles, I encourage you to follow Freddy Silva. “Freddy Silva is a best-selling author, and a leading researcher of ancient civilizations, restricted history, sacred sites and their interaction with consciousness. He is also a leading expert on crop circles” (1). His website is








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