Review: Unacknowledged

Unacknowledged, a documentary by Dr. Steven Greer via Sirius Disclosure, is one of the most compelling arguments of the 21st Century for life forms outside of our planet. The first time that I viewed this documentary I cried. I believe that one generally knows that there is some level of secrecy going on behind closed doors, but when those hunches are confirmed by fact and documents it truly hits home. The truth of the matter is, not a single one of us knows the full degree in which corruption has taken a stronghold throughout the veins of our government. The heinous acts that go on behind closed doors would likely appall even the worst of criminals. Millions of Americans have been kept in the dark about how and where their tax dollars are spent. Trillions of dollars are sent to Unacknowledged Special Access Projects or USAPs. We would likely have a better chance of escaping a black hole than we would in leaking the details and blueprints of the elite’s toils.

A Bit About the Author

Dr. Steven Greer, MD is an ER doctor by trade. He is from my residency state, North Carolina, and he went to the same alma mater that my fiancé did. More importantly, he is the “Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Orion Project. Father of the Disclosure movement, he presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure Event in May, 2001. Over 20 military, government, intelligence, and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the planet, and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of these craft. Over one billion people heard of the press conference through the original webcast and on subsequent media coverage on BBC, CNN, CNN Worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, Chinese media, and media outlets throughout Latin America. The webcast had 250,000 people waiting online- the largest webcast in the history of the National Press Club at that time” (1).

Key Takeaways

Having a leader [Greer] of this type of movement with such stellar credentials, is absolutely necessary in order for the public to take this topic seriously. All of the ridicule that surrounds the belief in extraterrestrials, UFOs, and anything of the like is a strategic smear campaign launched by the government to shut people up. They have mind-ninja’ed the public into ridiculing others that believe in life outside of our planet. Why? Because the belief in life outside of Earthlings rattles their world domination takeover agenda, and they just cannot have any refuting evidence available of their overarching plans to make us all slaves–as if we aren’t already. One of the most redeeming qualities of Greer is his “honey badger don’t care” attitude. He does not care what people think of him. He does not care what career advancement opportunities he may have missed because of the type of message he is disseminating. He does not care if his mission costs him his life–because that truly is a concern. Look back in history at all of the people who have tried to call attention to this subject and you will see how many of them are dead for “unknown causes”, “natural causes”, or “suicide”. Human life is not precious to the government–in fact they will take whatever means are necessary to oust someone that goes against their agenda. These silencing tactics are not limited to just ruining careers, they will take it all the way up to death should they so feel the need. The witnesses that went on record for Greer’s documentary risked their lives to do so. I am not sure that people really understand the degree to which the witnesses have opened themselves up to catastrophic events. Those witnesses would not have risked their lives (and continue to risk their lives) for a false message. They have agreed to disclose the information that they have because they believe in the greater mission–they believe that the American people are being hoodwinked by their very own Uncle Sam.

As I reflect on this documentary, I deal with so many emotions–which is hard for me, because I am not known for possessing that much emotion. I guess the Greys and I would be kindred spirits. The more I think about it, the more I feel the stages of grief associated with a death, and in a way I have experienced a death–the death of my old way of thinking. The path to enlightenment cannot happen without the death of your former way of thinking. I grew up drinking my governments Kool Aid–red dye #40 and all (poison). We’re the America that listens to the Boston Pops on the Fourth of July. We’re the America that watches the Macy’s Day Parade every Thanksgiving. We’re the America that rides the complacency train straight into Grand Central Station. You see, it’s easy to just not care, to not involve yourself in matters that are above one’s pay grade. Going against the grain is not kosher, and they certainly will not make it easy on you if you do–because they don’t want the truth to be told. A life of trying to spread truth with not give you promotions and wealth–it will give you a life of ridicule, a life of defending your character, a life of scraping together every penny you can find to press forward in your mission. The American dream is the American death–I will take gladly take the ridicule, the questioning of my character, and the penniless wallet any day of the week over aiding and abetting pure evil.

To Recommend or To Not Recommend…that is the question!

RECOMMEND! I recommend this documentary with everything that is my being. I have watched this documentary over 5 times–that is over ten hours of my time devoted to one film. I have paused this film to take pictures of the quotes time and time again. I have laid awake at night thinking about this film. This film has compelled me to start my own local chapter of Global CE-5–a movement to reach out to extraterrestrials in peace. This documentary has changed my life. I am not interested in whatever Kool Aid the government has to offer. Our “America” often makes me ill in the choices its leadership makes. The pulling of the wool over our eyes is over one hundred years in the making. The hidden agenda of the elite to make our citizens defective is a gross misuse of taxpayer funds and goes against all moral code of humanity itself. I find myself looking up at the sky daily asking for a race of humanoids or whatever-oids to come help save us from ourselves. Slowly, change is occurring–but it’s not occurring fast enough. Other world technologies have been given to us for public consumption and evaluation, and the elite are hoarding the technology for their own personal gain. They are just what the word “hoarding” phonetically states in its first syllable…whores. They are whores for power, whores for money, whores for corruption, whores for doing whatever it is that they see fit. They must be stopped–and they can be stopped, but we must choose to stop them together by displaying unity and a united refusal to aide in their agenda. “There is power in the many, but only when they are acting as one.”



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