Blog: Sacred Geometry


Sacred geometry is a talking point that I cannot resist getting into. I have always been fascinated by order in nature. It is amazing to me how things in nature often mimic other things—that they are all tied in together, that they are one. This is not a post about religion, nor do I subscribe to organized religion, but the order and oneness found in nature has always fueled my belief in a creator. Whom that creator is has caused worldwide divisiveness since the dawn of man, and I am not interested in discussing those semantics. Sacred geometry is the bond that fuses us all together. It is found in everything. It is the pattern that binds us to the universe; the pattern that binds us to our brethren outside of planet Earth. We, in and of ourselves, are sacred geometry. Perhaps you have heard that mathematics is the only universal language? Scientifically, this is true (1). However as humans, often times we separate out what we subscribe to as truth. While this is poor timing to be quoting Neil deGrasse Tyson, he is correct in his analysis of the three different kinds of truths (2):

  • Objective truth: truth that is true whether or not you believe it to be.
  • Personal truth: truth that you believe to be true (ex: religious beliefs)
  • Political truth: truth that is “true” because of repetition

While sacred geometry is already an objective truth, I had to take an individual pilgrimage to make it a personal truth. I suppose I always believed in sacred geometry prior to me knowing that it had a name or a study of said topic. As of the last year, I have researched the topic immensely and I am truly fascinated by it. Perhaps sacred geometry is a lot like seeing the arrow in the FedEx logo…once you see it, you cannot un-see it. Now that I am attune to sacred geometry, and what sacred geometry is, I cannot un-see it in everything around me. One of my favorite flowers is a sunflower. Have you ever looked at the center of sunflower? It’s literally a perfect spiral of seeds. It’s hands down the most beautiful part of that flower. That spiral is part of the Fibonacci Sequence and is referred to as a spiralizer fractal (3).


Let me issue a fun challenge to you! Go out into nature and find as many pieces of nature that exhibit sacred geometry. You do not have to go any further than your front door, I can assure you. Think of things that fall from the trees, things that bloom, etc. Tag me in your post @thestaceyjewell and show me what you find! I will repost your findings on my social media.





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